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Minecraft new launcher.

The new Microsoft launcher for Minecraft is very clunky to me. I have a hard time even navigating where I using it at first. Still is but i am getting use to it. I got to thank the Community for helping me understand how to navigate this launcher. anyway this launcher was a very good idea. keeping everything in one place. but there so much glitches and bugs. I just cant see this as a finish product. I also love the fact that they migrated all one account . that means everything under one file Folder. You will need to keep ALT or FTB or overwolf. for mods of course but that not a problem. If you like me you probanly jusy going to be mainly play minecraft,

(Minecraft new Launcher!)

All Three Monjong games are in this launcher. love that fact cause how easy to play the bedrock and Java without the different Launcher . But i notice a trend of java keeps crashing and not turning on. where Bedrock just works. that is a big downer for me! at least I know the Alt launchr is better! no lags or crashes. now that may changes after a year of them working with this launcher! Apparently the community really ask for this. I am not sure of this but that what I understand reading Twitter while I am typing this.

In the endthe Microsoft launcher for Minecraft is ok. It needs works. It a Good thing to have. Now if you excuse me .I going to play some minecraft . God bless and happy mining!

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