land of Cube

Day one in the cube land.

So the start of my adventure was really something. I got spawn at a village.

Then I started to got my creative mind to work. Before I forget. I got my best friend you will see on here must likely his nickname is Jack all trades. Me and him started on our realm The Kai Manor. I started laying down block by block. thank goodness I was on creative and peaceful mode. That creeper scare me pretty badly. Laugh out loud.

Below picture is the after the hour of the work on the outside

Here a lil disclaimer. This post is a lil behind due to me not understanding how WordPress works. Pleas bare with me . After an hour or two . It gotten into a shape of a manor but more like a base. With that being said I wanted to show it off.

A few hours later me and Jack talk. So I headed to the marketplace. I pick up some skins ,you will see later this week.

Must skins are third party so I will mention the creators here like Pickaxe studios, Ready, Set, Block plus Canadawebdeveloper

Pickaxe studio that did that skin on the third picture. the Power ranger looking one is my all time favorite. I use that one when I role play with my Friends. along that one though. is the second one the Zodiac teen by Canadawebdeveloper . Ready, Set, Block did the last one. Sakura city Heroine. this one is actually a Mash-up that I will be covering in detail. In the coming weeks!

I got to come clean though, this was suppose to come out first of this month but I could not get this site how I wanted it, so I turn to help from to the experts at automatic and they help me understand how this works . I will have a few more articles up soon. But I making my goal of once a week of updates.

Like I stated my buddy jack will show up on here from time to time. He going to be my editor and chief and a writer for this lil project! thus will be a once a week

God Bless and Happy Crafting!