Ben 10 world.

Sorry for this being late. I been having a lot of job interviews as of late. Trying to get a better day job is hard.

Ben ten was a cartoon in the early 2000s that I actually grew up watching. This show  promise on a kid that gains alien DNA from a watch.  This mash up is actually from Minecraft themselves. you play as Asmuth Assistant

You must save Ben and his cousin Qwen from what ever happening and collect DNA strands . You get to use the omitrix and use Diamondhead and many more aliens.

Anyways this was one of my favorites lil worlds on Minecraft.

When you jump in the wolrd. You get Ported to a camp site. With Ben 10 all over the place.

Where you are going to a sign. It will ask for creative or story mode. Of course I clicked story.

You get Ported to asmuth lab . Where you meet the team/ Grandpa max , Gwen and Ben.

you soon start chasing after DNA of Aliens . you get to face some Ben 10 Foes like Kevin and many more also!

You get to be many of the Iconic Aliens of the show, like XLR, Rath and Daimondhead to name a few!

the story for this world is actually really good, No Spoilers here. anyways this was like 990 coins . but I got it for free as a Minecraft realm plus a while back. I also bought it with a Minecoins. this is worth the buy . but The world is created by Minecraft and ben10 is a Cartoon network IP.

Small update I am very busy with a new job. Thus these updates will be a tad slow.